Top 5 Etiquette Rules for Online Poker Players

Top 5 Etiquette Rules for Online Poker Players

Most online players believe that as they are playing anonymously, there is no need to follow any rules of etiquette on the game table. But in reality, similar to live poker, the online version too have certain etiquette which are important to follow.

Etiquette is a set of guidelines which is important to follow to project the impression you want on the game table. Proper behavior help ease the uncertainty and unpredictability and replace them with direction, determination, and decisiveness.

Poker is a civilized game. If you are a regular online poker player, you must know how to properly act on the felt to ensure a fair game and avoid unnecessary disputes.

Good manners are the key to ensure success in poker. Here are some of the basic etiquette rules every player should follow religiously on an online poker table.

Always make your move within the allocated time

When you play online, you get a specific amount of time to act when your turn comes. It is okay to think about every aspect of the game before making your move, but taking longer time than expected irritates the opponents as they have to sit and wait for you to notice your turn and decide your action. Avoid distractions like TV, music, internet browsing, etc as they take away your focus from the game and lead to delayed action.

Don’t attack other players straight away for their mistakes

Don’t ruin others’ playing experience by throwing insults when they made a bad or annoying move. Everyone make mistakes but calling them out and commenting when you see them commit mistakes is NOT OKAY. Even if a weak player gets lucky against you, never insult or disrespect him. It is important to be nice and friendly to newbies and encourage lesser-skilled players. Don’t treat others the way you wouldn’t want to be treated yourself. Also, if you scare off the “fish”, you will lose the opportunity to earn great profits from them in long run.

Never show the cards you folded

Never tell other players what cards you folded if the hand is still in play. Don’t offer any information about the strength of your folded cards to the players who are still involved in the pot. By doing this, you are giving an unfair advantage to them, influencing their decision, and putting a negative impact on the game. Once the game is over, you can brag as much you want about making the best hand had you called.

Use Chat Feature Properly

The player can interact with fellow players through the chat feature. Never call people names, swear, and use cuss words in the online chat box. The gaming platform has the right to remove your chat privilege or even ban your online poker account if a fellow player reports you for abusive behavior.

Don’t’ involve in any type of illicit activities

Activities like collusion and chip dumping are forbidden as they undermine the integrity of the game. Playing in groups or sharing information about your hand with other players is considered cheating in poker. Never break the rules of the game and report to the website if you find some involved in such sort of behavior.

NEVER underestimate the importance of etiquette in the world of poker. If you are new to poker, take your time and observe how other players behave on the virtual game table to understand the unspoken and unwritten rules of conduct. Remember that even if you are playing behind a computer screen, you are still dealing with real people. Playing online poker is a fun and entertaining activity. It is crucial to learn the etiquette and adhere to it to enjoy the game at its fullest.

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