Mental & Social Benefits of Playing Online Poker Games

There were times when games used to be seen as a form of entertainment! With the advent of time, the picture changed and games were considered important to boost creativity skills, promote social skills, and improve mental acumen. Nowadays, people are exploring the gaming world and discovering fruitful career prospects. They are breaking the notion of joining conventional career options by creating a different career pathway fors.

The era of Online Multiplayer Games

The modern gaming lexicon is dominated by online multiplayer games! Online multiplayer games are successfully drawing the attention of youth by providing them a platform where they can connect with different players across the world and make the most out of their skills. They are not only leveraging gaming platforms for socialization but also to earn massive and make their name in the industry. Though there are thousands of multiplayer games that you can play online and reap the mental and social benefits, one multiplayer game that has been emerging as the biggest hit is “Poker”.

This traditional card game can now be played online with different players in real-time. Card lovers are not only playing this game to lay their hands on the big winnings, but also to develop resilience, connect with different people, and be a valuable part of the card gaming community. The key reason why online poker games are leapfrogging other games is that it challenges your brain and tests your mathematical arithmetic.

Without stepping out of your home to play on green tables, you can interact with like-minded and intellectual gamers on an online platform. You don’t have to plan an expensive trip to play Live poker tournaments in Goa or any other state or country. All you need to do is to take out the smartphone that you carry in your pocket and start playing online.

Online poker games not only polish your array of real-life skills but also ensure players a high degree of social interaction.

Without any further ado, let’s discuss the social benefits of playing online poker games.

Promotes Social Interaction: Online poker games give you a platform where you can interact with like-minded players and boost your social interaction. Engaging with level minded players regularly encourages you to take your game a level ahead, form valuable connections, learn advanced tips and tricks, and develop the traits of a winning player. As you compete against an ace and seasoned players in real-time, you learn new strategies from them (which you might not get in articles, blogs, or books). Even if you lose the game, you know that you have gained an advantage by knowing the amazing tricks.

If you play poker in a brick and motor setup, it is difficult for you to have a conversation with players. But in an online platform, you can easily do the ice-breaking and socialize with professionals worldwide and strengthen your relationships.

Cash Prizes & Rewards for a Thrilling Play Time: Online poker games are not only breaking the daily monotony by offering you an enthralling experience but also providing you a chance to fill your accounts with massive cash prizes and rewards. What’s better than playing a game which is offering you entertainment and money at the same time? Because of the rising competition and more and more players are joining the bandwagon, every game session is turning to be more exciting and rewarding than ever.

Challenge yourself by competing with different people with different perspectives and stand a chance to win massive cash prizes. Start playing poker online games at Adda52 – a leading online platform and win real cash in poker rooms online. Try your hands on different variants and formats to get a new experience every day. Polish your skills on free practice tables and brush up your knowledge by reading informative articles, blogs, and quizzes.

Encourage a Healthy Gaming Association: Playing poker games on an online platform enables you to get in touch with other players, help or support each other, and build a powerful gaming association. The transition of poker from just being a traditional card game to becoming a “skill-based game” that is played online has encouraged gamers to up their level, look for more advanced strategies and clarity on certain topics. From getting answers to their questions to searching for the top poker streamers, poker enthusiasts are leaving no stone unturned to connect more and boost their knowledge.

This results in increased interaction, better engagement, and collaboration. These engagements foster a spirit of sportsmanship and motivate players to learn from each other and maintain healthy competition. The more you collaborate, the more you will learn.

A Great Stressbuster: We have become busier than ever. Due to our busy lifestyle, we are prone to experience negative emotions and stress in our day to day life. Therefore, it is essential to take out time for some fun activities to release all the daily stressors from our life and lead a happy life. Researchers have found that people who play brain games regularly have a better stress recovery than people who don’t.

Playing online poker games not only helps you unwind at the end of the day but gives you a new perspective on how to handle the challenges and come out from stressful circumstances. You learn to handle situations with full focus and confidence. You can also say that it shifts your focus from daily stressors and injects fun into your monotonous routine.

Keeps You Sharp & Active: To win in mentally demanding poker games, you have to devise the best poker strategies, baffle your opponents with your effective bluffs, be a good observant, and think rationally and analytically within a given frame of time. Before you plan your re-raise or any other movie, you have to be very calculative about everything (from table dynamics to opponents’ playing style). You cannot expect yourself to win based on blind guesses.

This entire grinding of devising effective strategies, reading the minds of the rivals, and making the best decisions in a timely fashion takes your decision-making skills up a notch and helps you develop an analytical mindset. Not only do your brains learn to process the information faster, but also stay active throughout the day. Because you are in an environment where you have to think strategically, you learn to make the best decisions within seconds, eventually boosting the brain’s speed and concentration.

So whenever you are free or on a work-break, it is advisable to play poker games online to boost your mental capabilities and save yourself from a lethargic state of mind.

Enhances Your Personality: Online poker games spruce up your personality and give you the much-needed confidence to deal with difficult situations. As the game is mentally challenging, it teaches you how to stay level headed in difficult situations and trains your mind to make rational decisions even in worse situations.

Winning in poker depends on your observation, calculation, and probabilistic thinking mindset. All these three traits are important to achieve success in this cutting edge landscape and stay ahead of the pack. Online poker games not only assure you thrilling gameplay, but also polishes your creative skills, form a valuable network, and boost your strategic thinking capabilities.

Final Words

Challenging brain games not only improves your memory and contributes to your overall mental enrichment. Winning in card games requires absolute concentration and attentiveness. It keeps your brain active and teaches you how to catch the physical and psychological behaviors of your opponents. Such games make you more alert and conscious of the actions of the people around you, even in the real world. Playing poker games ensures cognitive development and keeps your brain in the best shape.

Excited to play poker games online? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Hit the online poker tables now and avail these amazing benefits!

Enjoy a thrilling playtime!

Valuable Tips To Keep a Conversation Going

The reason why most people hesitate to interact with new people and form valuable bonds is that they are unable to start and continue a conversation for long. After 2 minutes of talking to a new person such as a work colleague or new people at a party, people run out of the conversation and there’s an awkward silence. Such situations are embarrassing and uncomfortable. This inability to not initiating new conversations or making a conversation valuable dissuades people to come out of their comfort zone and meet new people.

Not knowing how to make a conversation valuable and long-lasting not only hampers your social life but also restricts a lot of opportunities for you in life. It is imperative to know the art of keeping a conversation going so that you can explore good possibilities for friendship as well as great career prospects.

Stop Holding Yourself Back: The biggest reason why people are unable to make great conversations is that they don’t express themselves properly and hold themselves back. It is a common habit of people to keep filtering their thoughts and hesitate to put their thoughts across the table because of the fear of judgment. We keep on filtering our thoughts and forcing ourselves to utter only those words that can make us sound impressive and interesting. This is where most people go wrong as this tendency kills the ability to make great conversations.

Our mind has an automatic reflex mechanism that asks us to check with ourselves “Would I sound smart and intelligent if I say this?”. You need to come out of this mechanism and train your mind to express yourself more and stress less. 

To train yourself, you can start doing it with people you know. Allow yourself to say whatever is on your mind.

Learn New Skills & Polish Existing Ones: Upskilling yourself is not only a necessity to progress in life but also an effective way to initiate good conversations and make valuable connections. If you are not upgrading yourself with new skills or not keeping up with the latest market trends, you will hesitate to start an interesting conversation. 

Simply start learning a few new skills so that the new time you join a conversation, you can add value to it. You can learn to cook a continental dish, in-demand excel skills, or work on your interpersonal skills. Anything you learn helps you at some point in life. So make sure you push yourself to learn new skills.

In addition to this, make sure that you are polishing your real-life skills which include observation skills, analytical skills, strategic thinking, and decision-making skills. The best way to do this is by playing skill-based games like poker to polish all these skills valuable in real life. Playing mentally challenging poker games trains your brain to process information faster, read your rivals’ minds, and make rational decisions even in tilt-induced sessions.

Give yourself the much-needed mental grind along with adrenaline rush by playing poker games online at Adda52 – a leading online platform. Ensure massive winnings by playing high roller cash games or partaking in the biggest poker tournaments in India

Show Interest: This technique is helpful 99% of the time. People love to tell you more about themselves when you show interest while having a conversation. They would like to hang out with you more and talk to you more. You can use sentences like ‘That’s interesting, tell me more about it’. You can encourage them to tell more by saying that ‘I have never heard about it. Please tell me more”. Such reactions help keep the conversations going and assure other people that you are listening.

Taking an active interest in the conversations will allow other people to appreciate you for taking the initiative. While talking to somebody, a warm genuine smile will help you to give a friendly expression, put people at ease, and encourage them to open up more. It is the best way to show yourself as approachable and interested.

Keep Good Conversation Questions Ready: People always think about how to turn small talk into a deeper conversation. Well, the answer to this question is – by asking open-ended questions. Open-ended questions are those questions that usually have long and elaborated answers. These questions are meant to make a conversation long and interesting. People can’t answer such questions in simple “Yes” or “No”.

Some examples of open-ended questions are:

Tell me more about yourself.

Why do you love doing ….?

What is your reason for joining this ….?

How are you feeling about …. Incident? and much more.

These types of questions help you to reach deeper conversational levels. It makes people feel that you are interested in them and want to know more about them. Once you learn to showcase your interest to the people you are talking to, you can form valuable relationships.

Always Be a Good Listener: No matter how good communication skills you possess, you won’t be able to make a conversation last if you are not a good listener. People love to interact with those who talk freely and are willing to listen as well. Just asking questions (just for the sake of making a conversation longer) and not listening to them can put you in deep trouble. You have to pay attention to what they are saying. 

When you listen to them properly, you will process the information effectively and remember every small detail about them. You can use those details in your next round of conversation and make the speaker feel that you are paying attention to them. A good listener always stands out as a wise person, who knows how to connect and empathize with others. Good listening skills not only makes a conversation interesting but also ensures meaningful relations in life. Use your listening skills to direct the conversation and refrain from delivering a monologue.

Maintain eye contact: Your eye contact indicates how much you are interested in a conversation. If you don’t make eye contact and keep looking here and there, then it can either make you come across as an under-confident or uninterested person. It is important to show people that you are interested in them and not anything happening in your surroundings.

Maintaining eye contact is extremely important while having a conversation because it speaks more than our words. Your eye contact is like a body behavior that assures people that you are actively listening and paying attention.

Use Conversation Threading: Conversation threading means when a person says something (that comprises different elements) and you pick up one element of the statement to continue the discussion. For example, your colleague tells you how he planned his road trip last weekend, you can pick the topic of ‘road trip’ and ask how many road trips he had taken so far. To make the conversation interesting, share your experience with road trips.

Here you can ask open-ended questions like – How often you travel, things you do to manage your work and travel together, and much more. If your friend is telling you about his winning poker session, you can ask on which online platform he prefers playing poker games online, discuss the poker clubs in Goa and other states, why he loves playing poker, etc.

Find a common ground to stretch that conversation thread and make it valuable. There are so many interesting ways to keep a conversation long-lasting and interesting.

Use Other Stories To Spice Up Conversations: If you are not comfortable in sharing your stories with people, you can tell other stories to juice-up the on-going conversations. No need to talk about your own experience when speaking with someone. You can integrate the stories of people you know or the stories you get to know from your friends or family, or stories you know via radio, TV, magazines, etc. in your conversations and make them last longer. It can be a short story or long story, interesting, or awkward—just use your stories in your conversations.

You can prepare yourself by practicing storytelling in advance to become an interesting storyteller. After all, the way you tell a story matters more than the ‘story’. 

So these are the top techniques that will help you make a conversation interesting and ensure a fun time talking to anyone. Give yourself some time to know more about human behaviors and how conversations work.

Strategies to Play When You Are on Big Blind

Playing on big blind definitively is not a duck soup. As per statistics, it is the riskiest position at the poker table where players lose the most.

The small blind and big blind are places where the game is never easy. Playing on both these positions we face dilemmas many times. As per poker pro Ryan Fee, the first position is probably the hardest to master in No Limit Hold’em.

Fortunately, it does not mean that you are on the losing position if you play poker from the blinds. In this article, we are going to show you the best poker strategies to implement under this situation. These tips will guide you on the right track and help you play your best game on the big blind.

Why does everyone say that ‘blind’ is the worst position to play?

This is not an opinion, but a fact confirmed by the analysis of statistics from millions of hands. These showed that the small blind and the big blind are two positions where players lose the most. Why?

The major reason for that is – ego issue. These are the two positions on which we do not want to give away “our” blinds, often thinking that the opponents are trying to steal our chips.

When you forcibly throw the chips into the middle, you feel the need to play the hand. Often, however, you should not – blinds are no longer your chips, it is a fee for being on the table!

How bad is your situation when you play blinds?

Very unfavorable, primarily when someone previously raised. When you check blinds in this situation, you are often behind the opponent’s range. You might as well say that “you want to hit something on the flop.”

For example, when you check with 8 9 hole cards, you have to hit something like two eights, two nines, eights, nines, and maybe an open-ended draw to a straight, to have any chance of winning the hand at all.

Even if the straight draw comes in, it may turn out that the opponent is holding a higher one. Therefore, when playing in these positions, raise or call only if you are holding a solid starting hand. If your hand is weak, it’s better to fold and wait for the next game.

Is it essential that you try to defend the big blind against an aggressor from a late position?

It is quite hard unless you have figured out how your opponents play poker. In the early stages of a tournament, it is rarely worth defending the big blind at all – the only exception is if you have a hand that can catch a good flop. On further levels, when the blinds are higher, and you build a more conservative image, defending the big blind will become more legitimate.

At what point should you play all-in?

There are moments in tournaments where you have no choice – you have to play all-in with two cards. You are on BB, and you have ten big blinds. So what are you waiting for? You see the opponent who rises in late position. It can also be a bluff, so every two cards can be worth speculating. It is crucial at this moment to try to oppose – maybe you can force the aggressor to fold or double.

These basic strategies will definitely help you save money and ace your game when you play from the ‘blind’ position.

Apply These 5 Secret Techniques to Improve your Poker Skills

Winning online poker in 2019 requires more than just having a gist of the basic rules. With the rapid increase of interest in this amazing card game, the number of players who are keen to learn the strategic aspects to play poker is also growing.

Remember that to achieve success in Poker, you must be a step ahead of your opponents, which is possible only when you constantly update yourself with the latest gaming concepts and ideas.

Here are some “tried-n-tested” techniques which will help you stand out from your fellow players in the game of poker –

Read Your Opponents’ Minds

Implementing strategies in the game is essential, regardless of whether your intention is to spend some fun time, challenge your skills and abilities, or to make profits. Poker is a game of skills, but without proper understanding the psychology behind your opponent’ decisions, you cannot develop and implement strategies into the game. There are generally four types of poker players: Loose-Passive, Tight-Passive, Loose-, and Tight-Aggressive. Some of them are tougher to beat than others, but each style requires a different approach and tactics. Play as many cards as possible and thoroughly observe what your opponents do and how they act to understand their playing style and predict the strength of their hand.

Consider Your Position

Making the last decision is a massive advantage in a poker game. Receiving the same hand when you are at the last position, compared to being the first one to act, can be a deciding factor in which strategy you should implement and whether you will win or lose the hand. Once you have got the knowledge related to your opponent’s’ hand strength and batting pattern, you will be way more likely to take the best decisions which can ultimately lead you to win the hand.

Control Bet Sizing

This topic is so vast that we can write a book about it and still have a lot to say. Sizing bet optimally is a critical skill to ensure getting value out of your hands. If you have a strong hand, your objective should be to increase the size of the pot in order to attain maximum profits. It is also crucial to stay unpredictable for your opponents as they will be making mental notes about you, and if they read the strength of your hand through your gameplay, they will devise a strategy against you. Remember that raising pre-flop in live and online poker is different – raising the 4x blind before the flop will tell your opponents that you are a player with little experience. When they know it, they will always attack to beat you up.

Adjust The Tactic to The Type of The Tournament

At a poker table, you have to be ready to deal with opponents as you go. Sometimes, while playing a longer game, you can take your time to adjust and figure out the rivals’ tactic. However, when you play ‘Sit-N-Go’ tournaments, your strategy cannot be too cautious as you need to play aggressively and make quick decisions. Remember, when you play shorter games, you will have chances for a significant win only by playing more bravely.

Shift Your Tactic

Do you know how experienced players recognize the beginners? Only by noticing their betting pattern. It does not matter how well you play if you are playing every game the same way. After a couple of hands, once the rivals figure out your strategies, they will try to beat you over and over. As a consequence, you will run out of your chips. How can you avoid it? Try to bluff and sometimes give up even favorable cards, so that your opponents cannot predict your future actions.  

How To Become A Star In The Offline Poker Universe

Do you want to become a professional poker player and lately a star in the offline poker universe?

In terms of effort and approach, poker does not differ much from other sports disciplines. If you want to play poker at a professional level, you should take inspiration from those who have already achieved the level that satisfies you. That doesn’t mean that you should copy exactly what they did. You need to learn from them how they eliminated their weaknesses and improve themselves to reach the pinnacle of the game.

The Life Of Poker Stars

Being a professional player is not easy, and in the last few years, it has become even more difficult. The Internet has contributed to the popularization of poker strategies, and now young players can easily gain knowledge that, a few years ago, was equivalent to many years of experience. There are a lot of training websites where players, sitting comfortably in their armchair, can play as often as they want. Tournaments and freerolls attract a large number of players, and more and more players are registering in these events than ever before.

Remember That Professionalism Takes Time

If you are one of the people fascinated with massive cash games or watched big poker tournaments on TV and would like to join the ranks of pros, there are a few things you need to know. First of all, TV players spent years practicing a lot of tedious things to get where they are today. They obviously did not become professionals overnight.

Secondly, professional poker players have a specific schedule of the day. They sit on online poker forums and discuss strategies with other serious players. They also create trusted groups with friends and train for hours analyzing their hands. This is quite a difficult challenge, especially if we add to the fact that some of the most dedicated professionals can play 100,000 hands or even more each month.

If you want to play poker professionally, then you have to mute your ego. Play on stakes that do not stress you. When you feel confident with them, and only then, you can go higher. Remember that on each level, stronger opponents are waiting for you who will not care about your small experience and the fact that you have just started. Going up and playing with better players, you should be ready for defeats. However, you have to keep going because it is the only way how you can break through and become a real star.

Advice for you if you want to become a professional poker player:

1- Remember that poker is a challenging game.

2- Do not mainly focus on money but rather on the game.

3- Learn one game at one time. For example, when you decided to learn Texas Hold’em, stick with that until you achieve your desired level of expertise. Learn principles, practice, and develop strategies. In the beginning, you can practice online, but we recommend you to move on to playing offline poker over time.

4- Learn the game patiently. Read books, visit the forums and watch training videos. If you have a friend or mentor, discuss strategies and tactics with him.

5- Take care of your psychological and physical condition. Poker sessions last for hours, and you must have the strength to sit at the online poker table and think clearly. Exercise and a proper diet are essential.

6- Learn money management and stick to the designated financial plan.

7- Remember that although it is easy-to-learn, playing poker is a tough nut to crack and you need to study and practice thoroughly to improve your game.

8- Last but not the least – don’t forget to have fun, because if you do not get pleasure playing poker, this brilliant game loses its meaning.

Never Make These 5 Mistakes on an Offline Poker Table

Many novice players blindly believe that the major factor which determines success in poker is luck, and this is the biggest mistake they make. Although a bit of luck certainly will never hurt, the victory is undoubtedly determined by the player’s level of skills and knowledge. To ensure making profits and prevent yourself from losing a massive pile of chips at the game table, you need to learn how to avoid making these 5 offline poker mistakes –

Start playing with the wrong approach

New players are primarily influenced by poker on TV or other media. They do not realize that 80% -90% of the poker games they are watching has been edited. They often forget the fact that without high enough skills, playing and winning such a large number of hands are merely impossible.

First of all, at the beginning of a game, you should play mainly top combinations (pairs from AA to 77 and also AK and AQ). During the game, you have to keep in mind the poker math. The point here is to know what number of cards (outs) can still come to you to make your hand the winning one.

Forgetting about the breaks

If you lose the game along with a significant amount of money, that in your opinion you should have won, this is a signal to leave the offline poker table for some time. It does not mean that you have to finish your game and go home. We suggest that you will benefit if you go to take a breath of fresh air, eat or drink something. It is essential to take a break and do not take reckless retaliation on the table if you don’t want to end up losing your precious chip stack.

Being too stubborn

When playing, do not be stubborn. Do not wait for the winning card, because it can lead to the loss of a significant number of chips. Many beginners mindlessly wait for a solid starting hand, which often does not turn out as a favorable one. Being stubborn can lead the player to victory in the game once or twice, but certainly not in the long run.

Not knowing what is going on at the table

Another major offline poker mistake is not knowing the strength of the cards you have in your hands. It may seem obvious, but sometimes even intermediate players miss out here. If, for example, you have a good QQ pair before the flop, the situation fluctuates after the flop of K, 2, A. The probability of getting a  Q at turn or river is about 8%. There is also a possibility that your opponent is holding an AA or KK pair. If they have two cards of the same suit on their wrist, then the probability that after the flop come two cards of “their” color is about 11%, and even if it happens, it does not prejudge their winning.

Problems with adaptation

In Reality, the main factors that determine your winning possibilities are your acumen and experience.  This means being able to adapt to a given situation using what you have learned instead of being stubborn. A serious offline poker mistake that many beginners make takes place just before the flop. They only equalize instead of raising and playing aggressively. If you only raise when you have good cards on your hands, experienced players will quickly figure out your strategy and beat you mercilessly.

People are fallible creatures and it’s natural to make mistakes. However, to ensure making them as few as possible on the poker table, you need to constantly work on improving your game knowledge and skills. Always remember that winning against an opponent with a similar or higher level of skills doesn’t mean that you have mastered the game. Remain humble and keep learning. This is the only way to achieve true success in poker.

Top Poker Rooms To Play Offline Poker in India – Infographic

Deltin Royale , Goa

Deltin Royale is a luxurious offshore floating vessel which arguably provides the most exhilarating atmosphere to play this skill-based card game live. This majestic gaming destination is spread over 40,000 sq. ft. and offers 123 tables, 250 slot machines, and 850 gaming positions. It houses India’s largest poker dedicated room – Adda52 Live.

Deltin JAQK , Goa

Deltin JAQK offers 350 gaming positions and plays host to several ‘international-standard’ live poker tournaments throughout the year. The popular cruise casino is called the premium live gaming destination of Goa. It offers 350 gaming positions.

Deltin Caravela, Goa

A highly popular floating live gaming destination which offers 140 gaming positions. Along with poker, players can also enjoy luxurious accommodation at Deltin Caravela.

Looking for the best places to play offline poker in India?

Here we have listed some of the hottest live poker rooms in the country which offer world-class gaming facilities:

Deltin Denzong – located within 5-star Hotel Denzong Regency in Gangtok, Sikkim – offers 169 gaming positions. This onshore casino is situated at 6000 feet which makes it one of the most exciting places to enjoy your poker vacations.

Top Poker Rooms To Play Offline Poker in India


Offline poker Vs Online Poker – Infographic

Online Poker

Easy to access. All you need is a gaming device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc with an active internet connection. You can easily log-in to the gaming site and start playing anytime and anywhere.

Offers free games, bonuses and promotion deals. You can play freeroll games with practice chips to learn the game, test your skills, and win prizes without investing real money.

You can play anonymously. As you play online, your opponents cannot see you and read ‘tells’ through your body language and behavior. They can identify you only through your username.

You can use online tools to get the crucial statistics on the opponents. You can check their past records and analyze their gameplay. Poker software help you calculate the odds and take the best decision to win the game.

Wide variety of games are available 24×7 online. You can choose to play any variant of the game which suits your interest, bankroll, and skill-set. Also, you can play on multiple tables at the same time.

Offline Poker

Requires visiting a live poker room. Preferable for players who love playing with real cards and chips sitting face-to-face with the opponents.

Offers complimentary services. Although games are not free at live poker rooms, players can enjoy other great benefits such as meal, drinks, or hotel stay.

You can study your opponents’ body language to predict the strength of their in-hand cards. By observing their facial expressions, reactions, table talk, and chip stack arrangement, you can get a clue of how they are going to make their next move.

The best way to socialize with other poker players. Interactions with the dealer and fellow players on the live table lifts your mood and increases the entertainment value of the game. It makes the playing experience more pleasant and helps you find answers to your game-related queries.

Offline poker Vs Online Poker


DPT COLOSSUS 2019: Aditya Agarwal Shipped the 200K Main Event For INR 31,00,000

The 2019 edition of DPT Colossus wrapped up on Sunday (5th May). The action-packed 4-day poker festival drew a number of notable players from all over the country.

The DPT colossus, powered by Adda52, was held at Deltin Royale Casino in Goa from 2nd to 5th May. The central attraction of the tournament series was the 200K Main Event with INR 1 Crore GTD prize pool. The 2 re-entry event with 60k starting stack ran from 3rd to 5th May.

The last man standing was Aditya Agarwal who topped the huge field to earn the lion’s share of the prize pool (INR 31,00,000). He defeated player Jasven Saigal in the heads-up play to claim the title. Jasven Saigal took home the runner-up prize of INR 20,00,000.

The Final Table

On 5th, the final table started with Madan Kumar holding the chip lead (4,17,000). With 3,96,000 chips, Agarwal sat in the second chip lead position. Some familiar faces who made it to the final table included Kunal Patni, Sahil Chutani, Jasven Saigal, Alok Birewar, etc.

Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Madan Kumar – 4,17,000
  2. Aditya Agarwal – 3,96,000
  3. Kunal Patni – 3,59,000
  4. Sahil Chutani – 3,28,000
  5. Alok Birewar – 3,24,000
  6. Pradeep Sharma – 3,20,000
  7. Gokul Krishna – 1,92,000
  8. Jasven Saigal – 1,84,000

The first player to exit the final table was Sahil Chutani at the 8th position. Saigal later busted Birewar in the 7th place. Next player was Pradeep Sharma who finished 6th. Gokul Krishna was eliminated by Madan Kumar in 5th place. Following him was Kunal Patni who was sent to the rails by Aditya Agarwal in the 4th place. In the next hand, Jasven’s full house made Madan Kumar leave in the 3rd place.

The Heads-up battle

Agarwal entered heads-up play with 1.3m in chips against Jasven Saigal’s 1.2m chips. In the last hand of the event, Saigal from the button shoved all-in with 8s 7c and got snap-called by Agarwal with Kd 3d. The board ran out 4c 5d Jc Jh 5s to give Agarwal the prestigious trophy and the top prize.

Final Table Results

  1. Aditya Agarwal– INR 31,00,000
  2. Jasven Saigal– INR 20,00,000
  3. Madan Kumar – INR 13,00,000
  4. Kunal Patni- INR 10,00,000
  5. Gokul Krishna- INR 8,00,000
  6. Pradeep Sharma-  INR 7,00,000
  7. Alok Birewar-  INR 6,00,000

Last year, Sriharsha Doddapaneni won the DPT Colossus Main Event for INR 28,70,000 first place prize.

Aditya Agarwal is a veteran poker player how is currently ranked 3rd in India’s All Time Money List. He is a regular at major live tournaments nationally and internationally and has more than $1 million in live poker cashes.

We congratulate all DPT Colossus winners and wish them further success.

DPT Colossus 2019 is Coming to Goa in May

Ladies & Gentlemen!

After the huge success of DPT Colossus 2018, the eagerly-awaited Super High Roller live poker tournament series is returning to Goa with a bang!

The 2019 edition of DPT Colossus, powered by Adda52, will be held from 2nd through 5th May. The Adda52 Liver Poker Room at Deltin Royale – the regular venue of DPT events in Goa is all set to host the latest edition of the four-day extravaganza. Deltin Royale is a luxurious floating cruise  which is anchored on Mandovi river in Panjim.

DPT Colossus 2018 edition proved to be enormously successful in terms of total registrations. Players from all over the country showed great enthusiasm to participate in the tournament events to display their talent and caliber. The Main Event was taken down by Sriharsha Doddapaneni for the massive INR 28,70,000 top prize.

This year, the high-stakes poker series is expected to bring a greater number of high roller fans to Deltin Royale.

Players can participate in a range of action-packed tournaments in this live poker festival. The series will begin with INR 50K Warm Up which features starting stack of 40,000 on 2nd May. The second event is INR 200K Main Event (3rd to 5th May) with the starting stack of 60,000. The series will wrap up with INR 25K Bounty (4th– 5th May) with 20,000 starting stack.

It is going to be a marvelous experience to cherish!

DPT Colossus 2019 Schedule


DPT Colossus 2019 Schedule

“Colossus brings out the true test for any poker player out there with its super deep structures and blind configurations”, said Delta Corp’s Business Head of Poker – Manish J. Adnani. If I were to compare poker to cricket, it’s like a ‘Test Match’, which brings out the raw skill and talent that players possess.”

He added, “It will serve as a perfect platform stretching players in all aspects of the game and will offer them a grueling warm-up to the 2019 WSOP in Vegas. Colossus tests mental, physical and emotional skill over a period of 3 days with ample time to judge your opponents and read them well. We have guaranteed the Main Event for 1 Crore and look forward to a better turnout”.

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