Top 7 Cover-Ups for Live Poker Players


Tells are an important source of information in poker. And while playing live poker, you will get to meet many players who have adopted a unique poker face so that they do not give away their facial tells to the opponents. Live poker players usually use cover-ups to make it difficult for their opponents to read their facial expression. Here are some cover-ups used by poker pros while playing poker:

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Five Common Mistakes You Should Avoid in Live Poker Cash Games

With growing popularity of live poker tournaments, live poker is being increasingly seen as the most sought-after? option by Indian poker players. If you are new to live poker, or even an intermediate player, following are the five mistakes that you stop making while playing cash games at poker clubs in Bangalore:

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Top 5 Poker Books a Poker Addict Must Read

Poker is a skill game that is easy to learn but takes years of experience to master. The key obstacle that every poker player faces while playing poker is to deal with game strategies and the human aspect of the game. Human aspect because this is the game where you face human opponents and each opponent plays the game in their own different style. And to knock out your opponents, you should be aware of poker strategies and should be know how to apply them practically. So, when you are playing in the live poker clubs in Bangalore, you need to be on your toes. Following are the best poker books of all time that can help you be a successful poker player:

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Enhance Your Live Poker Skills

Poker is one of the largely played card games, and is the favorite card game of casino players. Thanks to its sky-rocketing popularity, poker is gradually becoming a sport with the upsurging live poker tournaments. Before you start playing in a bigger prize pool poker tournament, you should first equip yourself with the information. Here are some poker tips following which you can enhance your live poker skills:

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Three Different Types of Live Poker Players

Poker is a game where you come across different types of players. Whether you are an amateur player or an experienced poker player, you will definitely find players following different poker playing styles, different strategies. Live poker provides poker players a better insight about the opponents they are playing with. Here is the outline of different live poker players and how you who play poker as a profession, should play against them.

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Srinivasan Wins the Big Game Trophy at Adda52 LIVE

Srinivasan has been a tournament regular in Bangalore live poker events and this time he conquered the 5 Lac GTD Main Live Event of Adda52 LIVE.

The 3-tournaments series was played from 27th to 29th November at Rockets Poker Room in Bangalore. The series kicked off with the 2 Lac GTD No Limit Hold’em event on Friday, progressed on to the 5 Lac GTD Main Event and concluded with the Rs 1000 + 500 Bounty event.

2 Lac was up for grab on Friday evening and the poker tables got occupied by Bangalore poker enthusiast by 8:30 while the late registration was open till Level 5. The event drew 91 entries (including 1 re-entry allowed per player till Level 5) which took 17 levels of play to exhaust the entire field. In the end it was Vijender claiming the victory and the top prize of Rs 49,000. Earlier, Vijender had struck a heads-up deal with Rohit securing Rs 45,000 each and aged to play for the remaining Rs 14,000. In the last hand played, Rohit went all-in with hQ d9 which Vijender snap called to show s1 h1. Another Ace on the turn confirmed Vijender?óÔé¼Ôäós victory. 10 places were paid in this event. Here is the list of winners:

1 Vijender 59,000
2 Rohit 45,000
3 Shubham 26,000
4 Chirag 20,000
5 Srinivasan 14,000
6 Manoj 11,000
7 Harsha 10,000
8 Preeti 8,000
9 Girish 7,000
10 Prasanna 5,000

On Saturday, Rockets Poker Room became the epicenter of poker action in the silicon city as Adda52 LIVE 5 Lac GTD event started in the evening. After 8.5 hours of grueling action at the poker tables, Srinivasan emerged victorious. As soon as Guru departed in the 3rd place, Srinivasan and Ankur struck a heads-up deal which brought Rs 129,000 with the trophy to Srinivasan. Ankur managed to bag Rs 114,000 for the runner-up finish. 9 places were paid officially in this event but the Top 10 decided to secure the money bubble with Rs 9,000. Here is the list of winners:

1 Srinivasan 129,000
2 Ankur 114,000
3 Guru 79,000
4 Chetan 49,000
5 Kishore 34,000
6 Samar 26,500
7 Akshay 24,000
8 Rohan 19,000
9 Gaurav 16,500
10 Krishna 9,000

Bounty Hunter is the one of the interesting formats of Texas Holdem poker and Adda52 LIVE has included it in its series off late. Bangalore poker lover got to play the Rs 1000 + 500 Bounty on Sunday as the last event of 7 Lac GTD Chip Up series. Deepak Kempegowda won the trophy with Rs 20,500 in the top prize and 7 bounties worth Rs 3,500. It was Preeti making the runner-up finish while Madhusudan placed 3rd in this event. Here is the list of winners:

1 Deepak Kempegowda 20,500
2 Preeti 20,000
3 Madhusudan Chellaram 10,500

Rishabh Wins the Main Event of Adda52 LIVE 13 Lacs GTD Chip Up Tournament

Once again the poker action returned to the silicon city of India with the Adda52 LIVE 13 Lac GTD Chip Up Tournament at Rockets Poker Room.

The series brought 3 events for the tournament poker lovers in Bangalore across 4 days of action from 22nd to 25th of October. Over 250 players assembled across the 3 events taking a shot at the 13 Lacs of guaranteed prize pool. The series started with 2 Lac GTD event on Thursday, Oct 22 and was played down till 16th level in over 6 hours of battle. It was Radhika winning this event for Rs 60,000 in prize with the Adda52 LIVE trophy. Radhika, thus, became the first woman winner at Adda52 LIVE since its inception in July 2015. When the play was down to heads up, she struck a deal with Prash securing Rs 50,000 for both and decided to play for the remaining 10,000. In the last hand played Radhika flopped a set of 3 which fetched her victory. Here is the list of winners:

1. Radhika INR 60,000
2. Prash INR 50,000
3. Yogesh INR 28,000
4. Som Shekhar INR 20,000
5. Shekahr INR 14,000
6. Sujith INR 10,000
7. Guru INR 10,000
8. Priya INR 8,000

On Friday, Oct 23, Rs 1,000 satellite to the 1 Million GTD was played in which 10 players won the seat to the Main Event. The Main Event action tabled on Saturday, Oct 24 with a starting stack of 10,000 and it took 22 level of play to crown Rishabh the champion. Rishabh won the Adad52 LIVE Main Event trophy with Rs 320,000 in top prize. Vaibhav Kamra became the unlucky bubble in the main event when he got involved with 2 more players in a hand.

Deepak won the pot while Vaibhav departed as the bubble boy of the main event. In the last hand of tournament played, Rishabh open-raised to 100,000 to which Deepak shoved his total stack. At the showdown:

The two Nines on the board gave Rishab the victory while Deepak finished as the runner-up of the main event. Here is the list of winners:

1. Rishabh INR 320,000
2. Deepak Kempegowda INR 200,000
3. Jake INR 130,000
4. Shekhar INR 100,000
5. Prasad INR 70,000
6. Varun INR 55,000
7. Samar INR 40,000
8. Kishore INR 32,500
9. Vivek INR 27,500
10. Nehang INR 25,000

After all the action in 2 tournaments and a satellite it was time for knocking out the opponents and collecting the bounties in 1 Lac GTD + 500 Bounty events. The knockout battle was played for over 6 hours and in the end it was Arpit winning the trophy with Rs 30,500 in the top prize with 7 bounties. Arpit had struck a heads up deal with Anirudh securing RS 30,000 for both and flipped the last hand to decide the winner. Anirudh finished as the runner-up but collected highest number of bounties, 10. Here is the list of winners:

1. Arpit INR 30,500
2. Anirudh INR 30,000
3. Anuj GroverINR 15,000
4. Sreyash INR 10,500
5. Mesheer INR 8,000
6. Shaan INR 6,000