Poker rooms in india
Poker rooms in india


  • Deltin Poker Tournament Apr 2017

    TOURNAMENTDATE/TIMEBUY-IN (INR)Starting StackTypeBlind LevelBlinds IntervalLate EntryPRIZE POOL (INR)
    7K Warm Up 18th Apr, Tue @ 9:30 PM 7,000 10,000 2 Re-entry 25/50 10 Mins 105 minutes 10,00,000
    15K KICKOFF 19th Apr,2017 @ 7PM 15,000 10,000 1 Re-entry 25/50 25 Mins Till 1st break 20,00,000
    Adda52 35K Main Event 20th Apr Thu @ 7 PM (Day 1A), 21st Apr Fri @ 7 PM(Day 1B), 22nd AprSat @ 3PM (Day 2) 35,000 15,000 Freeze-out 25/50 35 Mins Till 1st break 70,00,000
    DPT 100K HIGH ROLLER 22nd Apr Sat @ 7 PM (Day 1), 23rd Apr Sun @ 3 PM (Day 2) 100,000 30,000 Freeze-out 50/100 40 Mins Till the end of 2nd Break 1,00,00,000
    TAG TEAMS EVENT (15K+15K) 23rd Apr,2017 @ 7PM 15,000 + 15,000 10,000 Freeze-out 25/50 20 Mins Till 1st break 10,00,000
    15K PLO 24th Apr, 2017 @ 7PM 15,000 10,000 2 Re-Entry 25/50 25 Mins Till 1st break 10,00,000
  • Deltin Poker Tournament Online Satellites Apr 2017

    DPT 35K Step Satellite 20th Mar to 13th Apr,2017, Daily@ 4PM 150 2000 Ticket to Main Event Satellite
    DPT 35K Main Event Satellite 20th Mar to 13th Apr,2017, Daily@ 11PM 1500(R+A) 3000 Ticket to Adda52 30k Main Event
    DPT 100K High Roller Deadline Satellite 22nd Mar - 14th Apr,2017,Wed | Fri @ 7PM 350 2000 Ticket to DPT 100K High Roller Satellite
    DPT 100K High Roller Satellite 22nd Mar - 14th Apr,Wed | Fri @ 11PM 3500 (R+A) 7500 Ticket to DPT 100K high roller
    DPT Mega Deadline Satellite 25th Mar - 15th Apr,2017,Sat| Sun@ 7PM 750 2000 Ticket to DPT Mega Satellite
    DPT Mega Satellite 25th Mar - 15th Apr,2017,Sat| Sun @ 11PM 7500 7500 Tkts to Adda52 35K ME & 100K high roller + Stay*
    Deadline Super Satellite 21st, 28th Mar, 4th, 11th, 16th Apr @ 7PM 1000 3000 Ticket to Super Satellite
    Super Satellite 21st, 28th Mar, 4th, 11th, 16th Apr, @11PM 10000 7500 5 DPT Event Tickets + Stay (6N/7D) + Flight*


After the huge success of DELTIN POKER TOURNAMENT (DPT) Feb'17 Edition, Adda52 is back Raising the stakes, we bring you another exciting DPT in Apr with this breathtaking live poker extravaganza that will take place at Deltin Royale Casino, Goa from 19th -24th Apr'17. So block your dates and book your DPT tickets now.You can join the exclusive online satellite series running on Adda52 from 20th Mar till 16th Apr'17 with buy-ins starting at as low as Rs.150.Further, you can avail Adda52 LIVE Early Bird Offer! Get Offer Now for DPT events today to get complimentary stay at the Deltin property. For more information, click here…

Offline Poker Tournaments in Goa

Adda52live organizes offline poker tournaments in Goa at poker room onboard Deltin Royale Casino, one of the finest poker rooms in India. Perfect place for both recreational players and poker pros, you can enjoy an ultimate cruise poker room experience. Step into the most intoxicating poker action in Goa that features poker Texas Hold'em games, pot-limit games, etc. along with the most lucrative poker tournaments.


Live Tournaments in Bangalore

All the Adda52 Live tournaments, past, present and future are listed on this page. Find out the buy-in structure, starting stack, blind level and prize pool of each tournament to plan your future games accordingly. There is something for everyone.