Offline poker Vs Online Poker – Infographic

Online Poker

Easy to access. All you need is a gaming device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc with an active internet connection. You can easily log-in to the gaming site and start playing anytime and anywhere.

Offers free games, bonuses and promotion deals. You can play freeroll games with practice chips to learn the game, test your skills, and win prizes without investing real money.

You can play anonymously. As you play online, your opponents cannot see you and read ‘tells’ through your body language and behavior. They can identify you only through your username.

You can use online tools to get the crucial statistics on the opponents. You can check their past records and analyze their gameplay. Poker software help you calculate the odds and take the best decision to win the game.

Wide variety of games are available 24×7 online. You can choose to play any variant of the game which suits your interest, bankroll, and skill-set. Also, you can play on multiple tables at the same time.

Offline Poker

Requires visiting a live poker room. Preferable for players who love playing with real cards and chips sitting face-to-face with the opponents.

Offers complimentary services. Although games are not free at live poker rooms, players can enjoy other great benefits such as meal, drinks, or hotel stay.

You can study your opponents’ body language to predict the strength of their in-hand cards. By observing their facial expressions, reactions, table talk, and chip stack arrangement, you can get a clue of how they are going to make their next move.

The best way to socialize with other poker players. Interactions with the dealer and fellow players on the live table lifts your mood and increases the entertainment value of the game. It makes the playing experience more pleasant and helps you find answers to your game-related queries.

Offline poker Vs Online Poker


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