How to Control Your Emotions at an online Poker Table

How to Control Your Emotions at an online Poker Table

Emotion is a basic human tendency that automatically comes out in whatever action we commit. Be it a moment of joy or sorrow, we show our emotions and reveal our state of mind. Poker and emotions are closely associated with each other as the game changes its course suddenly. The players can only react to the situation. There come different emotional situations like joy, exclamation, anger, confusion while you are on a poker table. However, controlling one’s emotion while you are playing an online poker game is important to get a winning edge over your opponents.

Poker is a game of intelligence, skill and luck. So, there is no place for any other parameter in the game. When we get our minds pre-occupied with other thoughts, it hampers our strategy making and placing the right moves.

There is always tomorrow:

Remember that Rome was not built in a day. To be a successful and unbeatable player, you need to have patience at the online poker table. Give time to your making of a good poker player. As long as you have chips in front of you, you always have fair chance to stay and win in the game.

Avoid Confusion:

Playing without a game plan is one of the most dangerous things one can do with oneself in online poker. Make a solid note of what steps you need to take. Also make note of your definitive goals, whether small or big that you wish to achieve in a particular tournament. This will help you stay focused and with your limits.

Balance your expectations according to your capabilities:

There has to be a fine balance between your capabilities and expectations, which in turn will help you achieve what you really deserve. Becoming over-ambitious will give you nothing but frustration and failure.

Be sporty:

Respect the other players’ game strategy and accordingly plan yours. Never ever blame your opponents for any bad beat. Situation can take turn and you may end up committing one such move and make fun of yourself. This way, you can check making enemies at the poker table and help yourself focus more on the game.

Do more what you like more:

Poker is a part you’re your personality, it can never be your only personality. There are many a good thing that you already do day in and out. Hence, never lose your interest about the things like the most. For example, if you love listening to music, do that while you are at the poker table. That will not only lighten up your mood, but also help do away with the negativity and concentrate more on the game plan.

Take breaks:

If you keep on hammering on red hot iron, it will definitely break soon. Hence, give some time to yourself, every time you lose at a poker table. Take a break, have a sip of coffee or your favorite drink and do a quick analysis of what went wrong, in stead of playing another table to take revenge of what just happened. As a rule, take a break of about 15 minutes to build in a fresh prospective.

Watch your diet:

A healthy body is the base to a healthy and sharp mind. Hence, it is important to watch on your diet. Poker tournaments take longer time to finish and leave you mentally exhausted most of the time. You much replenish yourself with brain-nourishing diet. Avoid oily, fried food and any other food that makes you feel drowsy. Bank more on liquids and juices.

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