A-Z of Poker Vocabulary: Name of Hands With Queen Card

Here are some popular (and really fascinating) nicknames for the Queen card used in Texas Hold’em game

1- Cowgirl
2- Lady
3- Girl
4- Argine – Queen of Clubs
5- Black Maria/Calamity Jane/Molly Hogan/Pallas Athena/Fanny Kaplan – Queen of Spades
6- Helen of Troy/Judith – Queen of Hearts

A-Z of Poker Vocabulary: Name of Hands With Queen Card

Starting Hands names with Queen card


Antony & Cleopatra- Named after the famous lovers Queen Cleopatra and Mark Antony from a William Shakespeare’s play.

Doyle Brunson – The hand got this name as the poker legend Doyle Brunson greatly dislikes this hand and folds it every time.

Rocket Queen – A pop culture reference used for Ace and Queen from the popular song “Rocket Queen” from American hard rock band Guns N’ Roses. The song appeared on the band’s debut studio album “Appetite for Destruction”.

Q K –  A-Z of Poker Vocabulary: Name of Hands With King Card


Ladies -Referred as they are considered the female cards. Called by this name when the hand wins.

Snowshoes – Name given because of the shape of the cards which resemble traditional snowshoes.

Canadian Rockets/Canadian Aces

Hilton Sisters


Maverick – The hand is referred by this name due to the theme song of television series “Maverick” which says – “Natchez to New Orleans, livin’ on Jacks and Queens. Maverick is a legend of the west.” James Garner played the character of Bret Maverick – a professional poker player.

Quack – Named as the hand is a combination of Queen (qu) and Jack (ack) card.

Q 10

Varkonyi – Named after 2002 WSOP Main Event Champion Robert Varkonyi. Varkonyi won the final event by knocking out Phil Hellmuth with this hand.

Cutie- Phonetic similarity with Q T.


Tarantino – Named after the famous movie director Quentin Tarantino.

  • Tip- As Q and T(en) sounds like the cotton swab brand.

Q 9

Quinine – Given the name due to similarity with the phonetic sound of pronouncing the name of this early anti-malarial drug.

Q 8

Kuwait- Name given because of the phonetic resemblance with the name of the Arab country.

Q 7

Computer Hand – Referred by this name due to a story where the computer analysis proved that Q-7 won approximately 50% of the time and lose 50% of the time.

Q 6

Quix – A combination of the words (Q) from Queen card and (ix) from the 6 card.


Granny Mae – Granny refers to Queen and Mae is May (5th month of the year).

Q 4

Housework/Prince Maker – The hand is referred by this name as a response to a popular joke – “What’s a Queen for (4)?”

Q 3

San Francisco Busboy/Windsor Waiter – Queen with a tray.

Q 2

Daisy- Refers to Daisy Duck, a famous cartoon character created by Walt Disney.

Queen Liz – Named for Queen Elizabeth.

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