Winning Tips & Tactics to Become a Poker Champion

Ever wondered what is the secret ingredient that makes some poker players better than the others?

There are countless people who sit on the online or offline game tables every day to play. Some play poker as a hobby, some to showcase their skills, and some to make big money. For some, it is a just a recreational activity and for some, it is a source to earn their livelihood. Everybody wants to succeed on the felt, however, standing out above the rest and making it big in the poker world requires big thinking, consistent efforts, persistence, patience, and determination.

Here are some of the most powerful tactics to implement to get an edge over your opponents in the game –

Play Cool

This is a vital part of being a poker champion. Poker playing requires the ability to control feelings like anger, frustration, and anxiety. This is an art which separates you from other poker players. Poker is an unpredictable game. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. A lot of players, including professional pros with years of experience, many times find themselves unable to control their emotions when something unexpected happens on the table. The meltdowns spoil a player’s table image and help the opponents to take advantage of the tilting situation. If the game is not going well, it’s best to take a short break from the tables to give your mind some time to relax and refocus. If you can prepare your mind to deal with emotions effectively, the chances to become a winner will be increased for you.

Study & Practice

Malcom Gladwell, in his best-selling book ‘Outliers: The Story of Success’ says that in order to become a master of a field, you need to do at least 10,000 hours of practice. The more you do it, the more expertise you will earn. This rule works if you put equal emphasis on the quality of the learning. Maintain a balance between learning and training is important and this is where a mentor comes into the picture. Everyone needs correct guidance. Training from a professional poker player will help you understand the game inside out and ensure that you are on the right track to achieve your goals. Along with providing you directions about how to develop and implement strategies, a good mentor also teaches you how to spot your mistakes and find out ways to eliminate them.


It is true that bluffing all the time is not good for your game. But, that doesn’t mean you completely disregard this interesting strategy. Just remember that it needs to be carefully planned and should be applied only after properly analyzing the opponent’s playing style. Along with your hand strength, your bluff must be based on the bet size as well as your understanding of your opponents’ skills, table image, position, etc. When you face a big bet, observe the change in opponent’s behavior (excitement, nervousness, etc) to catch his bluff and make your best move.

Have Fun

Play the game if you enjoy playing the game. Don’t run after big prize pools and fame. The only thing that should be constant in every game is your will to learn and improve your skills. You must develop a passion for the game if you want to reach and stay at the top of the game for a long time.

Remember that slow and steady wins the race. Your determination will help you deal with challenges, keep you going, and ultimately to become a champion.

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