How to Avoid 5 Common Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Mistakes

Played in the World Series of Poker, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker is the most popular poker game that is played by a lot many people in America today. In Texas Hold ‘Em , the players are required to deal with two pocket/ hole cards and then wait for five community cards to be revealed. Poker is a psychological game, and it is essential to improve one’s skills and strategy and also eliminate one’s weakness in order to survive for a long time in the competitive environment of Texas ‘Em Poker.

In today’s competitive world of poker, every little the player takes counts towards your success or loss. Fixing all the leaks in one’s game is of crucial importance so as to ensure an increase in one’s long term profits. There are certain few common mistakes that every player at some point or the other tends to commit that leads to a huge loss on behalf of the player. Here are the five common Texas Hold ‘Em poker mistakes that a player must avoid.

Undervaluing the position on the table

The value of one’s position on the table is a crucial factor in determining the success of one’s game. There is a first position, middle position and last position on the table. All these positions on a table have their own set of advantages and disadvantages as well. When a player is in a late position, it allows the player to take better decisions as they tend to get a brief insight into other’s gameplay. The out of position players tend to act without any knowledge of how other players are going to make their move. The beginners or the novice tend to take very irrelevant decisions on certain positions such as calling and raising three bets. It is therefore very crucial to pay attention to one’s position and then play accordingly.

Fails to fold

An excellent experienced player has the knowledge of when to throw away cards and leave the table in order to save the maximum chips if the player is unsure about his hand strength or feels that the opponent player is holding a better hand. Majority of times, many players make the blunder of making emotional decisions attached with their favorite and most liked hand and then put money into the pot without even knowing or thinking how much their opponent is holding in their hand. One needs to understand that no hand can guarantee cent percent winning in a game of poker.

Paying off the aces

A universal truth that no one can ever deny is that all the poker players love to see aces in their hole cards. But one should also hold the knowledge of exactly when to fold them to obtain maximum benefits from the aces. In certain situations, there exists a correct read and a dangerous board that forces the player to fold their premium holdings, but the novice players fail to let them go that results in the creation of enormous blunder.

Avoiding bluffing too often

Bluffing is a significant strategy to use while playing poker in certain situations. However, a player must have the knowledge when to stop bluffing. There are certain players who love to bluff in each and every game they play. Knowing when to put an end to bluff is very much essential in the game of poker.

Overcalling small pocket pairs pre-flop

A common mistake that many players tend to make is over calling small pocket pair’s pre-flop in a hope to hit their set thereby cash in big. It is very important to understand that a player can only hit their set on the flop approximately one in eleven times.

Competing with the experienced players in Texas Hold ‘Em requires discipline, skills, confidence, a proper strategy, and knowledge of the game as well. The nervousness as well as the excitement of this game usually leads a beginner to make certain mistakes that lead him to lose the game. In some instances, many experienced players also tend to make certain common mistakes that result in loss of their precious chips on the game table. By being careful and taking into consideration the above points, one can avoid making the five common mistakes and emerge as a winner in the Texas Hold ’Em Poker.

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