WPT India POY Leaderboard for 2017-18

The WPT India Player of the Year (POY) is a coveted title announced early in 2017 by the World Poker Tour in partnership with Adda52 to provide Indian poker players a chance to compete for the WPT glory. It serves as a yardstick to determine the best poker players on the Indian poker circuit. The  India POY seeks to encourage and reward poker players for their performances in WPT & DPT events.

The 2017-18 WPT POY leaderboard points will be based on standings from Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) July, DPT September, WPT India and 2018 DPT events taking place prior to the season-ending WPT Tournament of Champions. The topper of the POY leaderboard will receive a whopping $5,000 buy-in credit for the WPT events and some designated Deltin events during Season XVII of WPT.

Place Name Country Total
1st Arjun Arora India 1440
2nd Rajnish Kumar Patna, India 1200
3rd Vaibhav Sharma India 1080
4th Vikash Mantri India 1000
5th Rajesh Rajpopat India 960
6th Kiran Kumar India 940
7th Manish Lakhotia India 800
8th Jaydeep Dawar India 760
9th Pavan Jain India 760
10th Gaurav Chauhan New Delhi, India 740
11th Vikram Kumar Chennai, India 700
12th Sunny Vijaywargi India 660
13th Nikhil Jain India 640
14th Kapil Arora India 620
15th Alok Birewar India 600
16th Amit Jain India 600
17th Anil Adiani India 600
18th Dainik Nilesh Mehta India 600
19th Nitin Gupta Bhilai, India 600
20th Karan Khushlani India 580
21st Abhijeet Ramakrishna Shetty India 560
22nd Zarvan Tumboli Mumbai, India 560
23rd Akshay Nasa Delhi, India 540
24th Eka Vedantham Bangalore, India 540
25th Sahil Agarwal India 540
26th Ashish Jain India 480
27th Avinash Tavro India 480
28th Rajesh Goyal Hyderabad, MA, India 480
29th Vinay Kariputtakkhavar India 480
30th Aditya Sushant India 430
31st Sumit Sapra India 420
32nd Haresh Kukreja India 400
33rd Rahul Melwani Bangalore, India 380
34th Romit Advani India 380
35th Sanjay Taneja India 380
36th Abhishek Jalan India 360
37th Anil Gulati Delhi, India 360
38th Muskaan Sethi India 360
39th Sur Amit Kumar India 360
40th Varun Iyer India 360
41st Vikas Kumar India 360
42nd Prashant Jain Bhatoria India 340
43rd Jaswinder Singh Suri India 310
44th Babita Agarwal India 300
45th Girish Sampat India 300
46th Raonak Vyas India 300
47th Sachin Chandani India 300
48th Sandeep Tulsyan India 300
49th Anuj Wadhwa India 260
50th Pradeep Nudurumati India 260
51st Ankush Prasad Aryan Mumbai, India 250
52nd Emecianov Mikhail India 240
53rd Govardhan R India 240
54th Guneet Kwatra India 240
55th Jasven Saigal Mumbai, India 240
56th Manish Jain India 240
57th Nishant Sharma Mumbai, India 240
58th Phanindra Akkina India 240
59th Ritesh Goyal India 240
60th Vishrut Jain India 240
61st Gagandeep Malik Hyderabad, India 230
62nd Gokul Krishna India 230
63rd Sameer Tavanandi Mumbai, India 230
64th Jagdeep Singh India 220
65th Samit Mehta India 210
66th Kanishka Samant India 200
67th Vishal Tulsyan Kanpur, India 200
68th Vivek Birendra Singh India 200
69th Anup Palod India 180
70th Asif Anis  India 180
71st B Srinavas India 180
72nd Himanshu Thukral India 180
73rd Mayank Agarwal India 180
74th Nikita Luther India 180
75th Rajat Sharma India 180
76th Satish S P India 180
77th Swaroop B India 180
78th Vikram Jain India 180
79th Amrita Sethi India 170
80th Amit Kumar India 160
81st Faiz Alam India 160
82nd Kranti Kiran India 160
83rd Mukesh Surana Chennai, India 160
84th Pukhraj Singh India 160
85th Rohan Singh India 160
86th Sahil Chutani India 160
87th Alok DipakBhai Bhatt India 140
88th Apaar Gautam Bangalore, India 140
89th Deepak Raina India 140
90th Hardik Shah India 140
91st Vishal S Kapoor India 140
92nd Asad Nadeem  India 120
93rd Danish Shaikh India 120
94th Gaurav Gupta Mumbai, India 120
95th Harsh Demla India 120
96th Mayank Jain India 120
97th Rahul Rohatgi India 120
98th Sumit Chandani India 120
99th Tanuj Moorjani India 120
100th Ashish Ahuja India 100
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