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All products and/or services relating to the games (collectively "Services") provided to you and offered by Adda52 LIVE and/or its affiliates, subsidiaries, associates, and partners (hereinafter referred to as "We" or "Us" or "Adda52 LIVE" or "Our") through the website https://www.adda52live.com (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") is subject to these Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms").


The company and/or its website reserves the right to singly change the terms and conditions and update the same on the website. It is the user's responsibility to check the updated terms and conditions on a regular basis and to decide whether to continue his membership on the website.

You may note that if any single term mentioned in Adda52 LIVE's Terms of Use is found be unlawful or unenforceable or becomes determined to be invalid or voidable or void for any ground by either bodies of judicial or quasi-judicial in India, it will not affect the enforceability and validity of our mentioned Terms of Use.

If you do not wish to adhere to our Terms of Use or any of our future changes or modifications in our terms, you may opt to cease the use of any feature of our website along with any services that we offer.

The agreement must be read by you (user) completely and well understood before you agree to the terms of use governing any and all relationship in this agreement and terms of services, products or information and their usage, from here on are referred to as "Terms and conditions". The user should read, understand and agree to the terms of use which includes those terms and conditions expressly set out below and those incorporated by reference, which you can be accessed by clicking on the relevant link.

Account Creation and Maintenance

You may only have one account on our website, from here on referred to as "Account", for which you will register using your own, correct name. You may not use the service by means of another person's account. Should you attempt to open more than one account, under your own name or under any other name, or should you attempt to use the service by means of any other person's account, we will be entitled to close all Your Accounts immediately. Adda52 LIVE reserves the right to suspend any account that has an offensive/vulgar username and/or uses abusive/vulgar language.

Your Password is Your Responsibility

After you have registered on our website, it is your sole responsibility to make sure that you do not share your password with anybody, be it your friends, family members, other user, person or group or any third party is strictly prohibited. We are not responsible if your user account is logged in or accessed by anybody by using your password.

You are held legally responsible and liable for all your activities on the website made from your account. You understand that it is your obligation to protect the information you have provided on the website including, but not limited, to usernames, passwords, email addresses, contact details, and telephone numbers. You explicitly understand and agree that we will not incur any liability for information provided by you to anyone which may result in your account on the website being exposed or misused by any other person or any other harm or loss being suffered by you.

You may not impersonate another person or user, attempt to get a password, other account information, or other private information from a user, or harvest email addresses or other information.

Description of Services Offered

Gaussian Networks Private Limited is a technology company which through its website Adda52 LIVE aim at providing technology for booking tournament tickets and information about live poker tournaments. Gaussian Networks Private Ltd. will charge the users for providing such services. Tax is applicable for the booking tickets including the service tax and other taxes and charges as applicable. The service charge levied is subject to change from time to time and the users will be informed accordingly by answering to such specific request from customer care. The service charge and applicable taxes may vary as per the changes in the law and we may change the levy of service charge accordingly based on the company's discretion.

The company is not responsible for any betting or gambling acts that may take place outside the website. The services and products are not intended for users connecting to the site from jurisdictions that say it is illegal to do so.


By filling your mobile number and email address on the site, you are giving Adda52 LIVE the right to contact you by Call/SMS/Email to provide you information on all promotional activity/events conducted by Adda52 LIVE and its partners. Your mobile number and email will not be used for any third party communication whatsoever.

Membership Eligibility

We do not target users who are under the age of 18 years, as there could be possible restrictions to grant access to anyone who are below age. You should be well aware that if you allow or assist anyone who are below 18 years to access our website or services on your computer or Internet-enabled gadgets, Internet connection and/or accessibility (either borrowed or owned or leased), you will solely be responsible and accept complete liability for any outcome that are under no situation or circumstances incorporating, but not to negligence, neither Adda52 LIVE, any other third party provider of content nor their related agents shall/will be responsible and liable for any direct or indirect, incidental or special or consequential injuries or damages that can arise as a result of usage of or inability to use our website by user who are below the age of 18, regardless of instances when such party or agent has been warned or advised of the possibility of similar injuries or damages.

Refunds and Cancellation

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Disclaimers and Indemnification

We recommend that you keep a copy of all transactions, rules of playing, cancellation and payment policies. Our failure or delay to act or exercise any right or remedy with respect to a breach of any of these Terms and conditions by You does not surrender Our rights to act with respect to any prior, concurrent, subsequent or similar breaches. Any competition or tournament organized by us on the Website shall be governed by these Terms and conditions and any additional terms and conditions which may be explicitly defined for a competition or tournament.

You clearly understand and agree that the company shall under no circumstances (including, without limitation, in contract, negligence or other tort), be liable for any direct, indirect, ancillary, special, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages. This includes, but is not limited to injury, claim, loss of data, loss of income, loss of profit or loss of opportunity, loss of or damage to property, damages for monetary loss, goodwill, use, data or other intangible loss (even if the company has been advised of the possibility of such damages), resulting from or arising out of the use of or the inability to use the service, even if we have been advised or become aware of the possibility of such damages or loss or that such loss was foreseeable. You agree to indemnify us against any claims in respect of any such matter.


Adda52 LIVE is committed to provide updated accurate, complete and reliable information when published on our site. However, it is to be noted that we do not represent the suitability of the information published in documents or any other information that are updated on our website. Therefore, all the information and related graphics and images are to be considered 'as in' without any warranty of whatsoever kind, which are expressed or implied by us. We hereby solemnly disclaim or discard all warranties in relation to this information that includes all implied warranties and conditions of our merchantability, title and non-infringement, appropriateness of any particular purpose, and accuracy of our site, software and games of rummy. Adda52 LIVE is also not liable for any assumed or potential wins that could have happened from any unfinished tournaments.

Contact Us

In case of any questions or assistance, feel free to contact us any time. In case, if you forget your password, or suspect that someone else has learned and used your password please mail at info@adda52live.com

Breach and Consequences

If we have evidence of breach of our Terms of Service through our investigations or reasonable belief that your continued access to our website is deleterious or detrimental to the interests of Adda52 LIVE or our users or the general public, then we reserve our sole discretion to take one or all of the actions mentioned below:

  • Permanent suspension of your user account on our website
  • Forfeit the amount of cash balance left in your account
  • Demand and order damages for breach of Adda52 LIVE Terms of Use and take required civil actions to recover damages
  • Initiate steps of prosecution for damages and violation that is equivalent to offences in law
  • Restrict access to our games to users who are suspected in cases of cheating or colluding
  • Bar you from playing or registering at Adda52 LIVE in the future, as we reserve full discretion to restrict you from playing our live tournaments

The action taken by us will be solely due to your breach of our Terms of Use; the action shall be final and decisive that will be binding on you. Any action taken by us will be without prejudice to our other rights and remedies that are mentioned and available in law or equity.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

All the Terms of Use are to be interpreted strictly in accordance with the laws of India.

Whatever claim or dispute or controversy that shall arise out of our Terms or Privacy Policy shall be subject to the exclusive laws and jurisdiction of the civil courts in India.

There could be instances where the company is not able to receive prompt updates about the change in applicable laws of your place of stay. Please ensure that any activities you engage on the Website are legal as per the applicable laws. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the company or its website from any claim, demand, damage, or loss whatsoever coming out due to your non-compliance with the laws of your jurisdiction.

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Accepting the Terms of Use

You hereby accept the fact that you have read, understood and are willing to abide by the above Terms and Conditions.


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