Tournaments rules

Rules of Offline Poker Tournaments

Adda52 LIVE conducts Offline poker tournaments of global standards following a set of live poker tournament rules. The rules have been laid down to organize live tournament in a professional environment and enhance your poker experience. The tournament director of Adda52 LIVE reserves the right to take final decisions in the spirit of fair game.

  • Player shall follow the instruction(s) on registration, late-entry and re-entry as announced for each live poker tournament.
  • The tournament structure followed is European Poker Tour (EPT) format. View
  • The blind structure and live poker tournament format shall be declared in advance.
  • All poker players must act only on their turn.
  • Players are responsible for protecting their hand in the game.
  • All hands in an all-in situation must be turned face-up at the showdown.
  • Break timings should strictly be followed during tournament.
  • The prize payout structure declared by the Tournament Director shall hold final.
  • Live poker players can make a deal among themselves to split the prize money.
  • Any player suspected of collusion or cheating may be disqualified from the tournament.
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